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&nsp;        Omair Siddiqui


Forensic Engineer

Mr. Siddiqui joined Momentum Engineering Corp. in 2016.   Since joining MEC, he has received intensive training on state of the art technologies pertaining to accident reconstruction. He has availed the opportunity to acquire and hone his skills in photography, 3D laser scanning technology, and photogrammetry, while conducting vehicle and site inspections. In addition to using energy calculation spreadsheets, he is responsible for utilizing PC-Crash simulation software, which helps to determine the dynamic behavior of vehicles during a crash.

His enthusiasm with cars dates to 2011, when he completed his first internship at Honda.   There, he gained hands-on experience by overhauling, repairing and replacing engine parts such as compressors, spark plugs and pumps.

Mr. Siddiqui graduated with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles in 2016.   He was introduced to Forensic Engineering in grad school as a special topic class.   He did his thesis on Regenerative Braking System in Electric Vehicles. Furthermore, he has worked on Vibration Analysis of a Car Model as a requirement of the degree; and has also contributed to various research projects.