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      Daniel Simacek

Senior Forensic Engineer / Senior Graphic Designer

Mr. Simacek has over 16 years of technical experience and has worked in the engineering field since 2007. He has conducted over 350+ accident reconstructions, including vehicle inspections, site inspections, Leica laser surveys, and advanced computer simulations. Mr. Simacek has developed expertise in several cutting edge reconstruction techniques including 3D computer animations, PC-Crash accident reconstruction program, and HDS laser surveys.

As a key member of our forensic engineering staff, Mr. Simacek is highly proficient in accident reconstruction and computer simulation. He conducts 3D laser scanning using our Leica ScanStation Laser surveying instrument, and is an expert in the use of the Leica Cyclone & CloudWorks software. He also maintains an expertise in the use of sophisticated computer simulation and 3D animation software such as 3D Studio Max, PC Crash, and AutoCAD.

Mr. Simacek was trained and educated in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the Prague Technical University. While there, he also trained staff in system and network administration.