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         Jose E. Tovar

Forensic Engineer

Mr. Tovar joined Momentum Engineering Corp. in 2017. Since Joining the firm, Mr. Tovar has received extensive training in accident reconstruction, crash data retrieval, and photography. He has become meticulously skilled with on-site and vehicle inspections using FARO 3D scanner technology. He has received training in PC-Crash software to apply his vehicle dynamics skills to reconstruct accidents.

Mr. Tovar earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Vehicle Engineering from Cal State University, Northridge in 2017. He participated in various clubs such as SHPE and worked on many team projects throughout his time in school. He participated in a strenuous senior design project focused on automobile engineering: Formula SAE. He was one of the team leads in the main components of the racecar. While doing so, he gained knowledge and experience in vehicle dynamics, fuel cell technology, internal combustion, and vehicle drivetrain systems.

Mr. Tovar works on vehicle projects in his leisure time and spends a vast amount of time learning and applying methods he learned in school and at work. Selected pictures of the 2017 CSU Northridge Formula SAE racecar that Mr. Tovar had the pleasure to help design and manufacture are posted below.

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