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   Nicholas J. Famiglietti

Forensic Engineer

Mr. Famiglietti joined Momentum Engineering Corp. in 2016. Since joining, he has trained extensively in the complex process of reconstructing accidents. He is proficient at inspecting vehicles and accident sites using photography and 3D laser scanning technology, modeling the physics and dynamics of car behavior, and analyzing accidents using simulation tools such as PC-Crash and HVE. Mr. Famiglietti is experienced with the imaging and analysis of passenger and commercial vehicle event data recorders. He has performed full scale vehicle crash tests, night visibility studies, collision video re-enactments, and vehicle dynamics testing and data analysis. He is abreast of the many new developments and technologies in the exciting field of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles.

Mr. Famiglietti has performed maintenance, modification, fabrication, and other technical work on many vehicles, including open-wheel race cars, commercial vehicles, as well as vintage and modern automobiles. These experiences have given him insight into the differences between the many types of vehicle design, including suspension, body structures, and drivetrain systems.

Mr. Famiglietti earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts in 2016, graduating magna cum laude.