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            Ron L. Kuta

Senior Graphic Designer
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Mr. Kuta has worked in the accident reconstruction field for over 27 years. He has assisted in over 1,000+ reconstructions of automobile, heavy truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. In addition to developing exemplary graphics and exhibits using sophisticated computer software, his experience also includes assisting with inspections and tests.

Working closely with the engineers, Mr. Kuta assists in the reconstruction process by developing CAD drawings of the accident scene, while incorporating aerial and scene photographs, along with measurements made at the scene. Once the reconstruction is completed, Mr. Kuta develops demonstrative exhibits and animations to assist the client in explaining the analysis.

Prior to joining Momentum Engineering Corp., Mr. Kuta worked at Collision Research & Analysis. Mr. Kuta has taken numerous computer graphics courses over the last 20 years and has continued to refine his computer graphics expertise in the accident reconstruction field.