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        Vladimir Shkolkin


Forensic Engineer

Mr. Shkolkin joined Momentum Engineering Corp. in 2019. He began his career over 14 years ago as a vehicle damage appraiser. During his career, he has inspected, evaluated, and photographed over ten thousand crashed vehicles to determine the extent of structural, body, mechanical, electrical, and interior damage and has documented over five hundred accident scenes. He has also trained other staff in vehicle damage appraisal and estimating software.

Mr. Shkolkin earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Northridge in 2019. During his senior design project, he was involved in ASMEs Human Powered Vehicle Challenge and had the opportunity to design the vehicles frame, develop, successfully perform and present the rollover threshold test for a tadpole recumbent vehicle. In addition to his engineering degree, Mr. Shkolkin has the Merchant Mariner Credential issued by the United States Coast Guard.