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Accident reconstructions of disputed signal light cases are routinely analyzed by Momentum Engineering Corp. (MEC) engineers. These analyses require an intersection study to determine how the traffic signals function. At MEC, our highly qualified engineers will obtain signal timing data and intersection drawings from the appropriate government agency. They will study the data in conjunction with information collected during a site inspection to determine how the intersection is controlled and how the traffic patterns affect the signals.

After studying the traffic signals and intersection control, a reconstruction is done to determine the vehicle speeds and movements. Our engineers will then plot the vehicle positions on a Time-Distance plot to analyze the vehicle movements.

An analysis of the traffic signal timing control plan can help to resolve a disputed red light case. For example, the location of the vehicle loop detectors in conjunction with an analysis of how the controller is programmed, can help to establish what the condition of the traffic signals was as the vehicle approached the intersection. In cases of limited data, what-if scenarios can be analyzed to evaluate witness or other testimony.

The example below depicts an accident reconstruction of an intersection collision involving a disputed red-light traffice signal. The vehicles are shown at 1-second increments.

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